PC Healthcheck

PC Health Checks by WrightByte

A PC health check from WrightByte will make sure your computer continus to run quickly. Your computer has been quick to load your programs, browse the internet and get your email. But as you’ve added software to type letters, edit photos, added a new printer, sync your iPod, iPhone or mp3 player you’ve noticed things start to slow down. This might not be noticeable at the start, but the frustration builds as your computer performance begins to become more like a crawl.

Don’t worry, computers tend to keep temporary files that have been used to install software, hardware, let your browse the internet and to make things easier. There are also the malicious files that can get onto a computer from the internet, social networking sites, scam emails. The best way to prevent these types of files getting anywhere near your computer is to install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and a firewall to keep things working properly.

Then there is the day your computer won’t even start up! It’s not a problem for WrightByte, we can get things running again with out any fuss.

 Computer won’t start – Not a problem, just give us a call or email me and we’ll collect your PC (local pick up only). Once we’ve worked out the problem, we’ll give you a quote outlining exactly what the cost will be to get your PC running again.

PC Health Checks – If your desktop, laptop or netbook is running slow or taking ages to load your favourite website, program or pictures, it might be clogged with junk that’s built up over time. It could even be that some unwelcomed spyware or virus has found it’s way onto your computer. There’s no need to panic, we’ll just install anti-virus, anti-spyware software thats free to use to get your PC running smoothly again. Just contact us and we’ll even collect your computer if yu live locally.

 Virus or Spyware Problems – When you’re on the internet do you keep getting annoying pop up windows offering all sorts of things for sale, or telling you your computer is infected, Yes? then this is likely to be spyware, small programs that can get on to a computer from a whole host of sources. Is your computer doing strange things? It is restarting itself, sending bogus emails, or are you worried that your online usernames and passwords may have got into the wrong hands? Well we can take your computer and run various anti-virus and anti-spyware rograms to ensure that your computer is free of them and also install free software to ensure it stays free of viruses and spyware, with regular scans, you’ll be able to keep it clean.