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WrightByte First Aid

PC First Aid from WrightByte – Computer running slow? Has your tablet computer, laptop, netbook or desktop computer ground to a halt or taking ages to load a website? It might be clogged with junk that’s built up over time, you could have some unwelcomed spyware or even a virus on your computer. There’s no need to panic, we’ll install anti-virus, anti-spyware software and get your PC running smoothly again. Contact us & we’ll collect your computer (local only).

Computer won’t start? – Not a problem, WrightByte’s PC First Aid means you can give us a call or email me and we’ll collect your PC (local pick up only). Once we’ve worked out the problem, we’ll give you a quote outlining exactly what the cost will be to get your PC running again.


Printers, Scanners and more – If you’re having problems setting up a printer on a computer or network, need help getting a scanner working or have a printer that does it all and can’t get it to work? Try WrightByte’s PC First Aid to solve the issue.


Installing Software – Our PC First Aid service can help by installing software or maybe you’re not sure which program to use for email, wordprocessing, spreadsheets, presentations or image editing? There are free software packages available that will let you do all these things, just ask and we’ll pass on our own experiences and advice. We’ll even install the software and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Setting up Home Networks – Need help setting up a home network whether it’s wireless or not? Not a problem, just give us a call.